Bespoke site and e-commerce for custom luxury vehicles.

A luxury 4x4 vehicle.

The Brief

Our end client - a luxury (and very swanky) customisable car retailer - required an entirely new website to reflect the brand and personalised service their customers admire. This brand has a unique offer and has already established the largest market share. Their website may be the first or one of the first touch-points for a potential customer so it had to be impactful. This website overhaul was also integral to improving their brand presence but also, commercially as a platform to sell their branded products.

Price Range


The process

Such high value clients required a seamless and slick journey through a web experience while also, the site had to be multi-regional for three countries to begin with.

The first stage of 1994’s development, alongside our design partner, was the core pages of the website inc Homepage, Product and Services pages, About pages and Contact.

The sitemap was agreed upon quickly and 1994’s first deliverable was the staging site for the core pages including the content management system and front-end. Craft was selected to be the CMS platform of choice, moving away from Wordpress. This was due to the easy-to-use management aspect of the website for simple updates in the product range and imagery changes. The second major reason for choosing this platform was due to every component of the website was able to be custom-made, so that no elements of the new website would be recognisable as an ‘off the shelf’ product. This is core to the brand’s luxury feel, everything is custom made, customers are made to feel special.

Following soon after, we moved into the second phase of development, which was the e-commerce element. 1994, after analysing and discussing the various options, Craft Commerce was chosen as the preferred choice due to the payment flows staying on-site and within the client’s branding instead of a different platform thus maintaining a strong affinity with the brand. The variant feature had to be custom-built too to show that when a customer selects different custom options, the image updates to show the end result.

Both phases of development were built before the website was launched in its entirety.

The result

Over the 10-12 week build and test phases; we successfully delivered a smooth, luxurious-feel automotive website. The Craft CMS and Commerce platforms were excellently integrated and the form builder worked seamlessly with a variety of CRM systems too. The search functionally cleverly allowed live examples of the answers during a search and it’s been coded to allow any misspelling.

Words from our team

"This newly launched automative website is smart in every sense of the word. It's brimming with intuitive features; from the site's strong integrations to smooth UX. And, as it is totally custom-made, the fine prestige of the brand is a smooth as the car's leather interiors. We are delighted with the end-result."

Daniel Jones.
Daniel Jones
Founder and Technical Lead at 1994

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